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Dating in Reverse

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Google is the world’s largest digital advertising platform. With such vast reach, brands struggle to stand out amongst a sea of competition. And with so many users and only so much space, brands need to be very deliberate with how they produce their creative. We partnered with Google’s in-house advertising team, Unskippable Labs, to develop a campaign that was used as a case study to optimize Tinder’s future advertising efforts on Google. In partnership with Google & Tinder, we produced a series of video advertisements for Google to use on Tinder’s behalf. The four main components to storytelling we wanted to focus on were:

  1. Visual language: elements such as frame size, speed othe scenes, etc.
  2. Narrative structure: how we capture and maintain attention
  3. Tuning for audience: making creative decisions based on what we know of our audience
  4. Creative systems: how we deploy creative assets across media placements for maximum impact


Our team worked closely with Tinder to develop a detailed creative breakdown. We took charge of costume, location, art direction, cast and visual style. Every detail, down to the throw on the sofa, was carefully chosen to attract a Gen Z eye and allow them to relate to the storytelling. Art Direction, led by Elena Muntionoi, aimed to achieve a colorful and vibrant look throughout the spots. This included locations and sets that felt relatable and homelike to a person between the ages of 18-24. Costumes took on a trendy tone while allowing the characters to pop from their backgrounds. The cinematography team, led by Director of Photography, Jack Hamilton, focused on a visual aesthetic that matched the art direction in vibrant colours and punchy contrast. Together with a shallow depth of field for soft backgrounds, this gave the spots a more cinematic feel than one would find in most commercials. Graphics were overlaid to guide the story through Tinder messaging, complimented with a score that was fast-paced, upbeat, and positive.

We produced nine connected TV and YouTube ad placements, each with their own unique testing variable. As a result, providing Google with clear recommendations to drive future creative decision making and campaigns. Within the initial four weeks of flight, the Tinder Reverse Dates campaign generated over 22k app installs and was viewed over 10 million times.

Dating in Reverse

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