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Safety in the Backcountry

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Backcountry Access (BCA) is North America’s leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including Tracker avalanche transceivers, Float avalanche airbags, BC Link radios, MtnPro protective gear, avalanche probes & shovels. BCA’s mission is to educate the consumer and save lives, not just sell products. With longer lift lines, heightened restrictions and reservation systems, resort skiing in the U.S. has taken a dramatic turn in 2020. Everyday skiers and snowboarders have found themselves unwilling to deal with the unpleasant nuances of limited capacity and a heap of other limitations at ski resorts around the U.S. As a result, these everyday folks are choosing to head to the backcountry: a vast, dangerous, and fickle environment for recreation. In the past, Backcountry Access has relied heavily on its retail partners to drive sales of their equipment. These partners tend to have a larger reach and more engagement from backcountry enthusiasts, especially those who are researching the best products out there. However, these retail partners lack educational resources for those who are new to the backcountry (arguably the most important component of safe backcountry travel). BCA needed a way to increase traffic to their site in a way that sold their products, but more importantly, sold the importance of backcountry education.


We took this challenge head-on by establishing a multi-channel campaign to communicate the importance of backcountry safety, getting the right education, and using the right equipment. The solution was to increase traction on the newly updated BCA website to present consumers with educational resources, guides on how to choose the right gear, and ultimately, a simple path to purchase… all of which sets BCA apart from the competition. Our campaigns generated a 150% lift in online sales when comparing Q4 2019 to Q4 2020. What’s more important though is these purchasers also sought education while exploring the BCA site: BCA’s educational videos saw viewership increase by 140% when compared to last year. Meanwhile, BCA’s social following increased by 49% in the 60 day period of October and November 2020. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited to be behind BCA as they continue to reinforce the importance of education, safety, and intuitive products that save lives.

"Carson+Doyle ensures that BCA is front and center, navigating us through a noisy and crowded space. The results have been incredible. We can't thank you enough."

Emilie Kelly, Marketing Director

Safety in the Backcountry

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